The Story

Meet the Carlsons: two teachers who have always wanted to move overseas and teach in a different culture, decided that now (with their four year old daughter and two year old son in tow) was the time to do it. Follow their path from Stanwood, Washington (population 6,000) to Seoul, South Korea (population 10 million).

In January of 2011, we decided to look into the possibility of teaching overseas. We started praying, sent some emails, filled out a few applications, did some interviews, and by July 2011 we were here. Expats and missionaries living in Seoul, South Korea. Trying to help our kids adjust to life in a new country while figuring it out for ourselves. We've learned so much already about ourselves, our kids, and our God. We're so thankful for this amazing experience and we enjoy sharing it with you, too! Thanks for stopping by!

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