Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Week of School

Our new routines were interrupted this week for Korean Liberation Day, which is typical of our first week back to school. No one complains about a break, as we try to get back on track in the new school year! Two years ago, we were adventurous. Last year, we relaxed after having gone out for our anniversary the night before. This year, we're recovering from sickness, working in preparation for tomorrow, and playing. We only have one more day of school left in our first week!

Eric still hasn't been feeling great, so our anniversary celebration last night consisted of leftovers (I wasn't about to cook a meal that no one was going to eat again!), an episode of "Go On," and me eating ice cream by myself. Don't worry, he'll make it up to me!

A couple of Cade-isms lately while I'm thinking about them...

Me: "Cade, that's disgusting."
Cade: "Mom, why do you say that everything I do is disgusting?"
Me: (mom guilt) "Sorry, Cade. I'll work on that."
Cade: (seconds later) playing on the plunger like it's a pogo stick
Me: (screams in horror) "Cade that is DISGUSTING!!" (seconds later) "I'm sorry, but this really is disgusting."

Cade turns on the soundtrack to The Lion King again. Cade changes into his "dancing clothes." Cade cleans up all of the Legos, so that he has room to dance. Cade brings out a large box of toys.
Me: "Cade, I thought you cleaned up, so that you could dance."
Cade: "No, I'm going to play with cars because I'm a boy."
I'm glad he's got his gender roles down.

And, just because I've been thinking about it lately, and I'm worried that now that he is in school Cade's created vocabulary will start to dissipate and I don't want to forget these. A small-ish amount of something: a junk. A very small amount of something: a teent.

I think I mentioned last time that the kids went out to the cabin one last time with Gretchen for a few days not long before we left. After we had finished all of our kid-free tasks, we headed over to spend the night. I had dinner with a friend on the water in Coupeville, and I caught the sunset there before heading back down and taking one last shot of the beach at the cabin.

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