Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cade's First Week

Cade has had three successful days of school so far. On Monday morning, the boy walked straight onto that bus like he'd done it 100 times before. It had barely pulled up, and he was sitting in his seat, so short that I couldn't even take his picture. Of course, part of me was happy that he was so willing and so excited, but it killed me at the same time. I couldn't even take his picture.

There were no phone calls home that day. His teacher said he was very nice and well-behaved. And then she listed all of the supplies he needed. Really? We just called and asked for this list and the woman said we didn't need anything. Now, we have a couple of hours to find everything? Chock it up to another miscommunication.

He arrived home in one piece and with a smile on his face! The bus was about ten minutes late which sent me into a minor panic. Had I missed him? What happens if I miss the bus? Where does he end up?! You know, typical "mom worry." And then, the bus rounded the corner. This time, I was ready with my (phone) camera in hand!

He came home with a thick packet explaining his curriculum for the month. He'll be working hard at Crada. He reported that he really enjoyed his lunch, which he described as bulgogi, rice with seeds, kimchi (not spicy) and pho. Neither bulgogi nor pho appear on the lunch menu that he came home with, but he doesn't need to know that. (I am a bit horrified by some of the items listed on his menu. He doesn't seem bothered, so I don't let it show!) His teacher has corroborated the fact that he has enjoyed his Korean lunch, and she is not concerned about my needing to send him with a snack in case he doesn't like it (which I do anyway).

After the first day, he informed us that his teachers do not speak English, only Korean. By his third day, he was reporting the opposite. We may never have a clear idea of what's going on there! He says that everyone is very nice, but sometimes the other kids are "naughty." Oh my.

Can you believe that this goofy little boy-who can't smile for the camera to save his life-has started preschool? Me either. I was determined not to stress about these shots--the kid was going to what he wanted anyway. To prove how little I stressed, I will admit that I used Kennedy's camera instead of the DSLR. But, now that he's received his uniforms and new backpack, I really want to take more pictures of my little boy in his stereotypical Korean school uniform. Since I haven't even been able to get him to put it on for school yet, I'm not going to push that one for awhile! 

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