Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cade's Potty Training continued...

The potty training venture continues, of course. We've finally seen some success in the last week, though! When we potty trained Kennedy it was fairly easy. She went to daycare where there were 2 other girls her age also being potty trained. She was also good about telling us when she had to go to the bathroom--something that Cade has not started yet. Then, on Mother's Day when she was 2 1/2, we put her in underwear and she's never had a problem since. Eric said that he didn't think the same methods were going to work for Cade that worked for Kennedy which left me wondering what was going to work.
It has been really slow going from the start. For one thing, Cade has worn pull-ups since we arrived in Seoul because they didn't have size 5 diapers at Costco here. Kennedy only got to wear pull-ups as her reward for going in the toilet. We didn't have that option with Cade. For another thing, Kennedy enjoyed reading/looking at books while she sat on the toilet. Cade wasn't into that. And lastly, Kennedy loved getting stickers as her reward for using the toilet. Eric said Cade would not enjoy that. When Eric started giving Cade M&M's for sitting on the toilet and not even peeing, I was over the edge (per my typical control freak persona!). He was asking to go to the bathroom after he'd been put to bed just so he could get an M&M. Smart kid!
 his special reward was a "Mater" truck I had picked up a month or two ago

So, last Friday, I decided I was going to buy Cade some special "Cars" stickers and try the potty chart that Kennedy had spite of arguments against it. After only a week, Cade got all 10 stickers on his chart that he needed to get his first reward! We are so excited! He still isn't asking to go to the bathroom, but we have definitely begun moving in the right direction! What a relief--no pun intended!

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