Monday, November 21, 2011

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I did not spend the entire last week looking for a bag of deodorant that I evidently did not bring with us. Because I most certainly did not put it in a place where I absolutely can not find it. I am always so organized that I would not put it somewhere that does not make sense. And now, I must spend the big bucks to buy deodorant (though I have not been able to find it yet!) because I can not possibly go 6 months without it! And, I could not possibly ask my family to send me some if they happen to be sending us a package any time soon!

I did not sign Eric and myself up to go to a fancy dinner at a fancy hotel next weekend even though I had not arranged a babysitter. And, I did not get a babysitter for this weekend so that Eric and I could enjoy the lantern festival without worry of losing our kids because we absolutely would not lose our kids in the crowds that are everywhere here in Seoul. We do not ever get overwhelmed by the crowds!

I have not been feeling uber-frustrated by the fact that Cade--who was doing so well at going to the bathroom last week--is now refusing to use the toilet. It's not me who wishes that this whole potty training thing would just be done! And it's not me who is complaining that my son--who has a terrible cold right now--won't just magically be potty trained without the hard work that goes into it. Not me!


  1. I also don't want my son magically potty trained. And I also don't get frustrated when my son inexplicably refuses to use the potty. sigh. (And that wasn't me who sighed, by the way!)

  2. How old is he? We struggled so long on and off and then just before three it clicked. He spent two days pants-less, running toout the pottyabout every hour and we were practically done. Just his individual timing. It actually was more fun than work!


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