Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kennedy's School Time

A couple of weeks ago I updated you on Cade's latest accomplishments on the potty training thing. Then last week, I updated you on his slide away from progress. At this point, I'm feeling like when we make the final push, he'll be up for it. But, it's really hard to make that final push when we don't have any underwear for him to wear yet...so, we'll wait a few more weeks until we're out of school and until the underwear have arrived in the mail...
In the meantime, Kennedy has been making progress on learning to read. She also got to pick out a package of stickers when Cade did, and I struggled for a day or two figuring out how I could give her the stickers without earning them until I came up with an idea.

I decided to make her a sticker chart, as well. So, I put down a few words that she could sound out and then helped her to read and write each one. She knows all of her letters and sounds, so we just need to work on putting them together now!

Our schedule has gotten even more busy lately because we go to school most afternoons that I don't work so that I can work out with a friend. That cuts into the time that we had been using for school, but we are getting more work done in the morning now that Cade is becoming more interested in "working" too. On the one afternoon a week that I am not at school, we try to do a craft of some type. This week's is the red and green paper chain to count down to Christmas.
I have also been working on my own lessons: shooting manual with my camera so that I can get some good shots inside now that the weather has gotten cold and creating bokeh with Christmas lights...I'm a little bit addicted to my camera right now!

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