The Move

Here you can find all the information about our move to Seoul: from renting our house to getting visas to what we ate and where we shopped in that first week.

Tangible Evidence
Professional Attire
Travel Immunizations
Found a Nanny!
Transition to Seoul
Lessons Learned from Day 1 of Domestic Travel
Ah...the flight
The First Day
Our First Trip to E-Mart
The first 3 days of our food
Planes, Trains, & Automobiles...or Buses, Taxis, & Feet

Links to more information about expat life and life in Seoul:
Korean Consulate:
The Official Blog of Korea:
Learning Hangul:
Another expat blogging about life in SK:
Network of International Christian Schools:
Yongsan International School of Seoul:

Books that we read in preparation for our move:

Mentoring Millenials
Culture Shock: Korea
TCK: Third Culture Kids
Etiquette Guide to Korea
Peanut Butter in a Chop Suey World
Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea
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