Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons learned from Day 1 of domestic travel:

1.       Sleeping child in the car and airport = awake child on 1 am 4 hour flight. Bad news. Good news is that awake 4 year old is a bigger help than we would have thought carrying bags through airport.

2.       Car seat for a 2 year old on the plane is more work than it's worth. Just check it. If he wants to sleep, he will find a way.

3.       Help out the other parents you see struggling. Five minutes later they will be helping you.

4.       Do not pack so many toys in your child's backpack that she cannot carry it. She won't play with them anyway.

5.       Less is more. Check the bags you don't NEED on the plane. It's worth the money!

6.       The child that sleeps on the first flight won’t sleep on the second one. The child that stayed awake on the first flight won’t make it through takeoff on the second one.  Neither child will sleep in the airport.

7.       Don't make any plans or have any expectations. It will not turn out the way you'd thought.

8.       Have some fun!


  1. Well said wife!

  2. I will never forget the kind man in Denver who bought Michael a frozen yogurt in Denver after we missed a flight. I, as the mom, must have looked really pathetic. I ate the yogurt. There are always stories to tell. As we have watched parents struggling through airports with strollers, bags and car seats, I have thoght simplfy! We rode the moving sidewalks for entertainment and carried a deck of cards.


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