Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Packing and Re-packing

I will be SO relieved to be done packing, moving, and cleaning!! I have now packed 10 of our 12 suitcases, and I’m hoping I can keep those last two empty since we still have a few more things to get for the trip! All we have left is the rest of the furniture, the kitchen, and all of the little things that seem to show up just when you think you’ve cleaned out a room! The part I’m really dreading is the cleaning…I feel like I’m moving out of an apartment and want to get my deposit back, but really I’m moving out of my own house and I want to make sure that I can keep their deposit if the house isn’t as clean as it was when they moved in!!

The other part that I’m not looking forward to is packing, re-packing, packing, and re-packing our suitcases. Of course we’re putting all of our things into our suitcases to move to my dad’s, but then we spend the weekend in Olympia and we’ll only bring one or two suitcases. Then we come back up north for a few days, then south again for a few days, and then somewhere in the middle right before we leave for Mississippi (another packing venture!). I will be glad when all 12 of our suitcases are in their final stages of packing for Korea! That is only five weeks away!!!

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