Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Found a Nanny!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! We found a nanny!! We felt like the woman that we interviewed last month would work, but she was not our best option. So we left the ad on Craigslist and let her know that we were keeping our options open. Last week a woman replied to my ad and even supplied several email addresses for references. I emailed her references early this week, and all three of them had raves for her! We were so excited, we wanted to offer her the job without even speaking to her! Tonight we talked with her on Skype, and she is so sweet and so excited to take care of our kids! She has raised five kids of her own in addition to the children that she has nannied for the past several years in Seoul. She and her family have been in Seoul for the past eight years and plan to be there for the next four years before returning to the Philippines. She had to quit her last full time job (12 hour days) because of the high stress level, so we're hoping that part-time work is exactly what she's looking for!

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