Sunday, June 19, 2011


We’re officially traveling nomads now! Friday afternoon we attempted to make it down to the Korean Consulate to complete the visa process on the way down to Eric’s mom’s house. Our attempt was unsuccessful because there was too much traffic, but we made it down to Lacey by about 8:00. Saturday we made the rounds with the Carlson family and had a wonderful party to say goodbye to everyone. Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day by going to the Rainiers game in Tacoma which was a lot of fun, as well. The weather wasn’t great, and the Rainiers lost, but we had a great time anyway! We headed north again to spend another night at Dad’s house for Eric’s last day of school tomorrow. Tuesday we’ll get a few more minor things checked of the list, say a few more goodbyes, and head back to the Korean Consulate and back to Eric’s mom’s house again. Thursday we’ll travel north again to pack our luggage for Mississippi and finalize our Seoul luggage. Over the weekend we’ll be somewhere in the middle (at my aunt’s house) for a couple more gatherings and goodbyes. Sunday night we fly out for Mississippi. I think it will be a relief to finally be staying in one place for two weeks…and to not be responsible for our own itinerary, cooking, or travel…it might even be relaxing!

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