Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving Weekend

The kids had a great time playing!
We are all exhausted!! It's a relief to have the moving done. Our neighbor, Luba, did an awesome job playing with our kids, Michael was a huge help with the heavy lifting, my dad provided the trailer and lots of advice, and Lindy did an awesome job cleaning the entire kitchen! We're so grateful for our family! We almost finished the cleaning today, but we'll have to finish last minute stuff after Eric gets home from school the next two days. The kids were too tired and cranky to hang out while we worked (the adults were spry and chipper...not!). This week should be a bit more relaxing than the last couple of weeks have been (although somehow I doubt it will be!). We have completely taken over my dad's house, so it's a good thing he won't be here until after we leave! What a crazy life!
Room to spare!!

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