Friday, June 3, 2011

Travel Immunizations

Today we got our travel immunizations. We can now safely travel to Korea! It was a bit anti-climactic I have to admit. Apparently, Seoul is far too civilized for us to get any exciting shots! The kids are all up to date on their shots, so Eric and I just had to have the standard Hep A and Tetanus shots…how boring! In fact, the hardest part of the entire experience was tracking down Eric’s childhood vaccination record and actually receiving it in time. I managed to get mine and the kids’ a few weeks ago, but Eric got a different story every time he called Group Health. Yesterday, he finally got someone to agree to fax it to him, and shortly before the appointment, he finally received it!

It was a relief to hear that we don’t have many health concerns while we’re there, though (other than malaria in the DMZ—we don’t plan to spend much time there!). We got a few more of the essentials that we need for the trip afterward (a few more things to cross off the list!) and the kids and I enjoyed finally getting out of the house after a few days!

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