Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Last Weekend in the House

Running in the sprinkler!
We really enjoyed our last weekend in our own house! Yesterday we managed to get a lot done and have a little fun, as well! We moved a few pieces of furniture out of the house and packed four more suitcases, leaving just the clothes we'll need for the next week in the house.

Deception Pass
Today we played hooky from church and took full advantage of the beautiful day we had by going to Whidbey Island for a birthday party and to play at the beach at Deception Pass. I think that after all of the changes we made to the house yesterday, it is pretty clear to the kids that we won't be in it much longer, so I think it was good for them to be out of the house today. It will be a long week of packing, painting, and cleaning. With any luck, our move will be as anti-climactic as our trip to the health department!

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