Monday, June 20, 2011

Transition to Seoul

I'm so grateful that YISS has this whole transition thing figured out, and that we are not the first to do this! One of the manuals that they gave us has immense amount of information in it about basic things like how to read the dial on the washer in order to wash our clothes and where the closest ATMs are located. That is also where we learned that there will be no less than 3 staff members from YISS meeting us at the airport and escorting us to our hotel. They will provide a vehicle for our luggage-all 13 bags-but we have to use the public transportation system to reach the hotel, so that we can learn how it works. They have found that it is best for us to stay in a hotel for the first 3 days while we get acquainted with the city and our apartment, and gather a few of the basics to make our house a home. We will be escorted to stores, the bank, the hospital, and through the process of our getting our Alien Registration Cards. Essentially, we won't be left alone for the first 3 days! (Hope we like our escorts!) I'm so grateful that we'll have that support, though, because I think with the jet lag, we may not even leave the hotel room otherwise!

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