Friday, July 1, 2011

PFO Week One

Our first week at PFO has been quite an experience! We have to get up early and we go to bed late, but we’re learning a lot! We have to wake the kids up and get them dressed while they’re still mostly asleep (which is saying a lot for my kids!), and then leave our host home to get breakfast before we drop the kids off for their class and we go to our first session. We usually have about four two-hour sessions per day. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Southern Baptist Education Center, and then most evenings there is some type of event going on. We’ve had dinner and lunches with our school group, so we’re getting to know the other new staff well which has been great! We’re even more excited for Korea now!
The kids have been having an awesome time! They are both with the same two teachers, and they are staying very busy. They go swimming almost every day, to the park, out to lunch, and tomorrow they’re going to the zoo! They are having the time of their lives!
We are enjoying some great Southern food, too! We haven’t had time to explore anything around us, but we’re headed to a Memphis Redbirds game tomorrow. Tonight our wonderful host family had a crawfish cookout for us, complete with loads of crawfish, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions, and fried alligator and catfish appetizers. We are learning the meaning of "Southern hospitality"!
We are really looking forward to having Sunday off!

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