Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Our Sunday did not not start out quite the way we were hoping...we all managed to get ready for church on time, and we even got out the front door to start our walk (in the pouring down rain, of course!), and then it happened...Eric said "You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up with you!". So, we did. We walked across the parking lot and down the stairs to the back gate that we went out of last week to go to church. Eric ran back to the apartment to grab something. The kids and I waited and waited and waited. After about 15 minutes we decided to walk back home, expecting to find him in the bathroom or something, but no, he was nowhere to be found. So, we took off our shoes and sat down to read a book (I make it sound easy and it wasn't. Kennedy was crying because she didn't know where her dad was, Cade didn't want to read a book, and I was fuming. Where could he have gone?). Two minutes later, he walked in the door! He'd gone a different route to church completely bypassing us standing in the rain waiting for him. When we hadn't been at church, he turned around and walked back. Needless to say, we did not make it to church!
We weren't going to let our first free day in Korea go wasted, though! We decided to make the trek back to E-Mart and iPark Mall on our own. You may remember, a neighbor took us in his van the first day, and I had no recollection of how he may have driven there, but we'd heard there is a bus we can take, so decided to try it. We headed down our first hill, and quickly realized we didn't
know where the bus stop was, so we started walking down the second hill out of our "neighborhood". Then we saw the bus coming, so we watched where it stopped and headed down to the bus stop, hoping it was going the direction we wanted. Eventually another one came along, we hopped on, and rode through parts of town I did not recognize until I started seeing signs for iPark. We got off the bus a bit early (I think), and walked the rest of the way (still raining and about 75 degrees F). This mall is unlike any I've ever seen! It's 7 stories high with about 6 different wings. We walked in the first door to what looked similar to a Macy's with the Clinique counter, etc, but then you turn the corner and there's the Coach store in this other store. Turn around, and there's Gap clothing within this other store...I haven't figured it out yet! We eventually found American food at TGIFridays (We thought the kids would eat there. Turns out we were wrong. No kids menus, no chicken strips, no mac & cheese. Even the restaurants are different!) and ate lunch before heading to E-Mart to pick up a few more household items. Now, with a couple extra bags in hand, we were ready to head home. We walked out of the mall to find it raining harder than ever! We got about 1/3 of the way back to the bus stop we'd gotten off (not knowing exactly how it would take us home), and decided we'd grab a cab to take us home. As long as we can tell him we live in Kyleon-li-don and give him directions (in Korean) when we get close, then he'll take us right to our door. Best $4 we've spent in Korea (aside from the new umbrella we had to buy Eric today because he'd already lost his first one!)!

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