Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

Boy, are we getting tired of traveling! We were far more successful on our flights home from Mississippi than we were on our flights getting there. Then we had a great weekend in Eastern Washington with my family. Now, we are down at Eric's mom's house spending some quality time with her and her family. But, in the last 6 days, we have slept in 6 different places!! Granted, one night we only moved from the tent to a trailer on the same property, but it was still a different place for the kids to fall asleep and wake up! The other night right before bed, my cousin left and said she was going to go home to sleep. Cade said, "I want to go home..." and we certainly understood what he meant! Our poor kids are doing an amazing job learning to be flexible, but we are all ready to be "home". We are hoping that our desire to have a home again will make our transition to Korea that much easier. It may be different, but we'll be together (alone!) and we'll finally be home!

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