Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monsoon Season

It is WET here in Seoul. The first 3 days we were here everyone was talking about how it had rained for 28 straight days up until the day we arrived. Then there was a day or two of clear skies. I think that we saw half of one of them, and since it has been overcast. The other funny thing about those first 3 days was that everyone carried around an umbrella with them wherever they went. It would be just barely sprinkling and the Koreans would put up there umbrellas. But even the Americans carried theirs everywhere. It even became a joke with our tour guide that if he didn't bring his umbrella, then it might start raining.
Yesterday, we learned why everyone brings an umbrella everywhere! After school, we took the kids down to one of the local markets for a couple of groceries. While we were in the store it started raining...I mean REALLY raining. We had yet to carry an umbrella with us, so of course we didn't have one. Eric ran the 1/2 mile up hill back to our apartment with Cade in his arms, and Kennedy did our best to walk up hill in soaking wet flip flops with bright blue bags on our heads (picture to come!). We were all soaked to the core, so we took showers and put on dry clothes. It continued to pour down all night with such a strong lightning storm that we heard electric appliances turned on in some houses! I can't complain too much because at least it stays warm while pouring down rain, but I think we'll start carrying our umbrellas! The typhoons are upon us!

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