Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Costco Trip

Many of you know that our school sends a bus to Costco every Thursday after school for the staff, so today was our first trip! We were very excited to be able to find some American items in bulk and not to have to stop at the market every day overwhelmed by the Korean products. It's true that Costco in Korea is very different than in the States, but I was pleasantly surprised. Since the weather is pretty awful right now, it wasn't as packed as usual, and therefore I only got run over once and run into once or twice! I was, however, able to find everything that I was looking to buy today, and that made me extremely happy! The hard part is that whatever you buy you have lug out to the bus (where they organize it in the storage compartments based on where you live for easy access), and then from the bus stop to our apartment. Since it was the first trip, all of us bought more than we could carry and we had to make two trips from the bus stop, but all in all, I would say that we were happy with the results. Well...aside from the fact that in my haste, I picked out a box of diapers for Cade that are pink...Eric is NOT happy with me about that!!  


  1. Haha! Nothing wrong with pink ;)

  2. No idea why its not letting me put my name. Its Jessica Hudson


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