Sunday, July 24, 2011

The first 3 days of our food!

I know you're all curious to know what we've been eating, so here's the story...I think I may have mentioned that our first morning we had breakfast at Starbucks, so we felt right at home with bagels and coffee! We managed to wait until about noon for lunch that day, too, which was impressive considering how early we'd gotten up. By the time we did have lunch, the kids were exhausted and overwhelmed (okay, the adults may have been as well!), so we decided to go for some traditional American food. Eric had a burger, I had an artichoke dip appetizer, and the kids split a waffle (we were happy to have found a place that serves breakfast all day already!). For dinner that night, we went out with the larger group of new teachers for American teriyaki food from a restaurant based out of Seattle...we were feeling pretty comfortable there, too! The kids didn't even manage to stay awake until their rice got there, though!
Day two we were in our apartment already and were able to have cereal and oranges for breakfast (the school provided some groceries for us, so we had yet to buy any ourselves). This was our E-Mart trip morning, so by the time we were done there, we were completely drained, and  our awesome tour guide went down to the bottom of the hill and got us some of the cheap pizza from Pizza School (think Little Caesars $5 pepperoni) tastes great at the end of a long day, right? For dinner that night (again with our group) we ventured into Korean BBQ for the first time since our arrival! Eric and I had bulgogi which was very different from the bulgogi we'd had in the States, but was still very good, and I was thrilled to finally have had the experience of Korean food in Korea! 
On our third day, we had bagels and cream cheese for breakfast at home this time. For lunch after church, we went to a pita place that is pretty close, and seems to be the normal stop for many of the YISS staff that attend the Southern Baptist International Church (about a 10 minute walk for our apt). It was pretty good, and I'm sure we'll become regulars too! For dinner that night, we finally managed to cook in our own place, and we invited our tour guide, Barry, over for some pasta and marinara (out of a jar!). I went down to the bakery and picked up some really good garlic bread to go alongside. It wasn't much, but we were proud of ourselves!
Clearly, this international district that we live in has a little bit of everything from everywhere! I think we're going out for Thai food tonight with our group, and we're excited to try some of the other restaurants that are all within walking distance of our place, but we're also excited to feel comfortable enough (and have enough groceries!) to get on a more regular routine and start cooking at home!  

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  1. This is Larry Delaney... So it's 1AM, 74 degrees and very humid? I'd trade that in a heart beat. I jumped on your blog for the first time and give it high marks! Well done. Give Eric my best, and good luck to the fam in your new home. I want to hear more about E-Mart in the future. It sounds facinating.


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