Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tangible Evidence

I can't believe another month has gone by! One of my "to do" lists is done by month--I call it my timeline. So, here it is the end of May, and everything that needed to be completed in May has been completed. We finished the wall, the shelving, and the rafters yesterday. (Thank you, Dad!) Today was my "official" last day of work, the kids' last day with Juli, and our last day with the Durango. That closes a chapter on our lives!
Tonight I booked our flights to Seoul (names spelled correctly, everything went through the first time...a much better experience than our last flight-booking debacle!), my contract finally was sent to Seoul, and now it's time to start prepping the second step of our visa acquisition process. We have about 10 days left in the house, and it's starting to look pretty empty. There is now very real, very tangible evidence that in a little more than six weeks, we'll be in Korea!

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