Friday, May 27, 2011

My latest struggle

Here’s the question that I keep asking over and over again in my mind…do I do a better job of preparing myself and my family for life in Korea by doing the things that will be different there…lots more walking, lots more rice, limited appliances, limited Starbucks (actually a different diet entirely!), limited clothes, shoes, books, and toys, etc…or do we all just enjoy our last few weeks with the many blessings and culture-related comforts that we know so well?
I’ve decided to enjoy my last few days with two cars because that’s all I have now…four more days! So, do the kids and I get in the habit of making daily (walking) trips to the grocery store to get just enough for the day? If so, we can only do it for two more weeks. A walk to the grocery store from my dad’s would take hours!
It seems there is a fine line between enjoying the here and now and preparing for the next step. What to do?

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