Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pre-Field Orientation

Today I booked our first set of flights! We'll spend 2 weeks in Mississippi at the end of June for PFO as our preparation for entering the world of a missionary and expatriate. We have a narrow window for arrival and departure in Mississippi because we are staying with a host family while we are there, so we fly out of Seattle at 6 am in order to fly into Memphis by 3 pm. It will be the kids' first flights, so we are a bit nervous about how that will go, but we're glad that we have to do this "trial run" before we take the 12 hour flight to Seoul a couple of weeks later. I feel very blessed that we ended up having this experience with an organization like NICS to back us up. It is comforting to know that while there will be many surprises and stresses when learning to live in this new culture, at least we will have resources fall back on, in addition to all that we will have learned about the third culture kids (TCKs) that we will be teaching.

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