Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

What an awesome Mothers Day weekend!! We got a few things accomplished around the house and spent some quality family time. We got the house ready today for it's first showing and then went down to Seattle to enjoy our first Korean food. By the time we were halfway there, our property manager had called to let us know that the people who came to look at the house brought the check for the deposit with them and would let her know by Monday whether they want a one or a two year lease! Praise God that after one showing, we are done! Now I guess I'd better tell my dad that we're moving in with him a couple weeks sooner than originally planned!

Our Korean food was great! We went to Korean BBQ Grill in Shoreline with my brother and had pork Bulgogi, beef bibimbop, and of course rice and kimchi in addition to the other small side dishes that are a part of any Korean meal. It was delicious! We definitely will not starve in Korea, though Eric may not be able to consume the large portions that he's used to because the chopsticks slow him down!!

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