Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TCKs, CCKs, and on and on and on

So, I’m a reader (I know, you already knew that, too). I can read just about anything. I did read a book a few years ago about being a reader. It told me that I don’t have to finish every book I start. There is a certain freedom knowing that I don’t have to finish every novel that I start. So, sometimes I don’t. But, I’m also a teacher. And, as a teacher, when I am given an assignment, it is my duty to complete it.
Well, we were given some assigned reading from NICS. As soon as the books arrived in the mail, I started the first one—the biggest one. It sounded really interesting: Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds. It is really interesting, and I know that it’s all information that I am going to want. It applies to me, my kids, and the students I will be teaching in an international school, but I just can’t get into it. I constantly find myself re-reading paragraphs and sometimes entire pages because I get to the end and I realize I didn’t comprehend a word of it. As someone who loves to teach “Advanced Reading” (a speed-reading course), I can’t get over my inability to read this book!! So, I just want all of you to know, that I am trying my best, I am going to complete the book, and in the end it will become a resource for me, but right now I’m getting nothing out of it….

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