Saturday, May 14, 2011

Professional Attire

“Please consider that in the Korean culture you can rarely be dressed too nicely, but often you can be underdressed. We would ask that gentlemen bring with them an adequate supply of suits, dress shirts, ties and dress shoes. Ladies would also be wise to bring a few suits and other business professional outfits that are similarly formal to the suiting requested of the men. Both ladies and gentlemen should carefully consider their footwear to be both functional and professional, erring on the side of formality.”

In the last week, we received our handbooks for YISS and have been busy reading, learning new information and getting overwhelmed all over again…the above excerpt from the handbook confirmed all of my fears about packing clothes!! Eric and I had just cleaned out our closets for the garage sale and had planned to store a lot of our dressiest clothing, thinking that because they’re not as versatile, we didn’t want to waste the space. After reading this, we had to pull them all back out! Not only that, but we also both need a few more "professional" articles of clothing! At least we get to go shopping! Because I’m only working half time, I feel like I have to pack two completely different wardrobes, and I don’t know how I’m going to fit everything! We did also learn that they recommend we pack our excess baggage in Rubbermaid totes rather than suitcases, so that should make things a little easier, and they will certainly be more practical once we’ve arrived. I've got a month to get it all figured can be done!

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