Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good news, bad news

I’ll start with the good news…I got so much done in the last two days I can’t even decide which list to start crossing things off of first! I worked for six hours both days (that’s a lot for me lately!). Yesterday I picked up the kids, and then we picked up many of the basic necessities that we need to pack for Seoul. We stocked up on deodorant, ibuprofen, socks, underwear, pajamas, and many others! We got gifts for Kennedy’s teachers (I can’t believe tomorrow is her last day of preschool! L), wrapped them, and then I cut about 200 apple slices and celery sticks for Kennedy’s snack day today (why can’t I be the mom who just brings Handi Snacks?). Today I went home before I picked up the kids and loaded the Durango with some of the big toys that we’re giving to Juli (our childcare provider) to “store” for the next couple of years. After getting home, I finished all of the laundry and was pleased to discover that everything else on my list for today, I accomplished last weekend…woohoo!

Only two pieces of bad news this week…1st) I had just finished the last book of our required reading for PFO when I decided I should check the CD and pen drives that NICS had sent us. I found 12 documents that are all about 75 pages long that we also have to read in the next month…just when I thought I was caught up! 2nd) I had been in communication with several different women about taking care of the kids in Korea. When the time came to set up interviews, I was only able to confirm two of them. The first one we interviewed and that was fine, and the second scheduled a time, but no-showed on Skype and hasn’t responded to my email. Very bad news…

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