Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life's a Beach

Well, so much for getting back into the routine.

Eric made it to school yesterday, and then he made a doctor's appointment for right after school.

He hadn't been at the doctor very long before they determined that he has pneumonia again.

So, he sat there for an hour with an IV in his arm. His fever didn't go down at all, but they sent him home, anyway. With a bag of pills and orders to stay home for a week. A full week.

He is not pleased, of course. A week is a long time for him to be home from school, considering most years he doesn't take even one day off.

My routine looks very different, as a result. I will be getting up early to take Kennedy to school. Then coming home to drop Cade off at the bus before I head back to school.

In the afternoon, I will pick up Kennedy and Eric will have to brave the hill to pick up Cade. Cade came home with a note yesterday informing us that he does not have school on Friday, so I'm thankful that God's timing worked out on this one.

It's only been a few weeks since we were at the beach and starting to feel ready to come home to our own apartment again. But right now, looking at these pictures, I think a trip to the beach sounds pretty good.

We spent a few hours at Camano Island State Park one afternoon as we drove north again. There were times when it felt that the only time we spent just the four of us was in the car, so we got to the point where we would stop and take advantage of a nice afternoon as a family. This is still one of our favorite parks in the world--it reminds us of home!

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