Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kennedy's First Day of First Grade

The first day of school was busy around here, as always! On the day before school starting, Eric was gone most of the day, and I was so busy focused on getting myself ready for school that I...well...I kind of forgot about first day of school pictures until it was dark and I was putting Kennedy to bed.

So, I didn't have a planned "shoot" at home like I should have to compare to last year. Maybe we'll get it done one of these days. But, I fully intended on taking pictures at school on her first day. It was going to be easy. It's a half day; I had plenty of time before I had to leave to pick up Cade. No problem.

But, that didn't work out, either. As it turned out, the girl had kind of a rough first day. Her new shoes were really slippery and she fell going down the stairs at school before the day even started. She still hadn't really recovered by the end of the day, so she was not a willing participant for picture-taking.

But, today, her first full day of school, we finally got some pictures taken. She was excited to show me her classroom door, her cubby, all of her books(!), and her desk.

We met her teacher on Sunday afternoon when I was (not!) working at school, so she was all ready on Monday morning. Her teacher is one of the new staff. She's very excited for all of the new friends she's going to make this year with ten new kids in 1D.

Her teacher wasn't in the room after school, but she had left the door open, so we went in to take a couple of pictures...

I knew that she was going to be so embarrassed of her mom when Mrs. Thomas came back in, though, and I was right. I loved her reaction! I finally got a smile out of her and the picture turned out blurry!

She told her all about how she had taken pictures of her sons when they were young the same way, so that she could compare how much they had grown every year. That made Kennedy feel better. It is incredible to see how much she's grown in a year!

Cade has been having a really good week so far, which I am immensely grateful for. He hasn't necessarily been excited to go to school, but he hasn't fought it at all. This morning, he even watched the clock for a half hour before it was time to go to ensure that we didn't miss the bus. And, most of us are on the mend from our colds, but Eric has had a fever this afternoon. We're hoping that this is a quick thing and that he'll be okay to go to school tomorrow and the rest of the week. Obviously, this is a tough time of the year to be sick!

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