Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's for Dinner?

The latter half of our week was a little less exciting than the first half, thankfully. I did a little better actually taking pictures of our lives this week (okay, our food), so I figured I would grace you with a few lovely iPhone pictures.

I took my family to Haddon House, one of the biggest international markets here in Seoul. What a mistake. They were certain they needed everything! I was excited to find spinach, cilantro, and black beans.

Since my mouth was still a bit sore, I was still looking for soft foods. I made some cowboy caviar (which is much healthier when you have to use a fork, rather than chips as a vehicle) and Spinach Artichoke Dip pasta. Yum.

This week was Celebrate Korea days at school. Events like these always result in guilt for me--both as a mom and a teacher. What creative activity can I do in my own classroom to incorporate Korean heritage? What can I do for my kid's classroom?

I received loads and loads of "mom" emails asking for help with various projects in Kennedy's classroom. Of course, I couldn't really participate in any of them, but I was able to stick my head into her room for a few minutes between projects for my own classroom.

I updated my phone to iOS7. It didn't begin well. Took hours to update and then an error occurred and I had to restore the entire phone, but it turned out fine. I'm loving the update. I feel like I have a whole new phone!

On Saturday, Eric was supposed to have a baseball game in the middle of the day. My options were to send the kids with him where they would play in the dirt for a few hours, be hungry and cold, and surrounded by a bunch of guys who are drinking, swearing, and smoking--or I could take them with me to my soccer jamboree. There they had 30 middle school girls to play with, as well as 6 high school coaches to watch them. (Not to mention the fact that I am not actually on the field.) Needless to say, soccer won out. Kennedy had a great time photobombing as I figured out the new features on the iOS7 camera.

As it turned out, his game was cancelled yesterday, so he got to clean the house and get plenty of work done for school. He's making up for it by playing this afternoon on the other team. Unfortunately, I'm still not getting any work done.

The temperatures did drop yesterday. It never got over about 65 degrees and rained just a bit. I was in the mood for some nice, warm comfort food when we got home yesterday. Nothing says comfort like  a recipe with "supreme" in the title. Chicken Broccoli Supreme. It did not disappoint. A rich, creamy cheese sauce. Chicken, broccoli, Ritz cracker topping. Even the kids devoured it. Make it. Tonight.

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