Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kennedy's Birthday

Kennedy really struggled with the decision of what to do for her birthday this year. I told her that I had made arrangements to skip out on soccer practice, so that I could celebrate with her (which was actually much harder than it sounds, but it all worked out). So, we gave her the option of going out to dinner or picking a meal for me to make for her. She said the decision was "impossible."

She was still struggling the night before with it. But, she finally managed to decide to go out for Thai food (because, she noted, "my birthday is not on a Monday when Wang Thai is closed") and then to come home for brownies with chocolate and caramel sauces.

Unfortunately, our afternoon and evenings always seem to go by much faster than one would think, so we had to rush through things a bit, but we got it all in.

She got to Skype with Lidi before leaving school and then with Uncle Evan and Aunt Jen at home while she opened one present before dinner. Then we walked into Itaewon for dinner and home again.

I had to leave Eric in charge of the camera and presents while I got her dessert ready, hence the flash. She was very excited to get some new clothes for fall (thanks to aunts and uncles and great-grandparents for those!). The present she opened before dinner had clothes in it, and she insisted on changing before we left.

She was thrilled to enter into the world of American Girl with her first new doll in years (thanks to Lidi!). I wonder if "Baby Jane" has finally reached retirement age. She has carried that doll with her everywhere for the past five years. Will Sage be able to replace Jane? Only time will tell.

She also got her first "big" Lego from us, so Legos have taken over our living room all week! I do love watching how creative they can be with Legos. Cade was playing with them before they were even out of the box!

And while her brownie was not as beautiful as the restaurant presentation, it still tasted pretty good and she was happy! We have one blessed 7 year old girl!

We have another busy week ahead of us, starting with Kennedy's birthday party tomorrow after school. This is my last week of soccer, thankfully, but it is an especially busy one. As a matter of fact, the next couple of weeks bring a whole new meaning to "busy." This is the last full week of the quarter, which means an incomprehensible amount of grading for me (I'm secretly hoping the anticipation will be worse than the reality), compounded by the fact that Eric will be gone all of next week with the middle school. So, if anybody is interested in flying to Seoul next week to help me juggle kids and school, that would be wonderful! (And of course, don't be surprised if it's even more quiet than normal here. Sorry.)

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