Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Cade!

Happy Birthday Son!!!   I had such a great day with you today!  You woke me up early this morning and we just hung out and played around the apartment waiting until it was time to go to see The Lego Movie.  What a great movie for the two of us to see together.  I need to remember to encourage you to use your God given creativity.  

You have grown up so much this year.  I can hardly believe that you are the same kid in all the videos we watched this morning of when we first came to Korea.  You have begun school and already you can read full books on your own.  Your teachers and classmates adore you.  In your own quiet and humble way you continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Last week you started your very first organized sport…soccer.  I love to watch you play!  You run around and hustle all the time!  You have such a positive attitude.  You listened to the coach and give your best the whole time.  Words can’t explain how much I am excited that you have showed an interest in sports.  We will always have something to talk about.

Even though you are growing up and getting bigger, I love that you still call me in every night to cuddle before you fall asleep.  I love that we can just hang out and be guys together… playing games, building Legos, or just watching videos.  This year will bring many new changes as well as challenges.  I can hardly wait to have you join the rest of us at YISS next year.  

 Happy Birthday Cade!  I Love You!


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