Monday, December 15, 2014

An open letter to my fellow passengers

Dear Passengers on flight 892,
Some of you have already met my dear 7 week old son and you weren't impressed. He's kind of got a reputation. He cried while we were in line to check in for the flight, and I could see it on your face: "please don't let that kid sit next to me" you were thinking. I understand. I'm not sure I want him sitting next to me, either. But, I can promise you that if you're stressed out by this baby crying, then I will be too--way more than you are. Know that I've been a little stressed about this for weeks and doing research on flying with babies for even longer. I'm going to do my best to make this flight as enjoyable for all of us as possible. And I'm sorry, in advance, for whatever totally unpredictable thing happens. 
The Stressed Out Mom in row 35
Here's a lovely little shot of my kiddo (but this is not from the flight...just what imagine it may look like!). #brutalhonesty

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