Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JJ's Moving Day

Wednesday night is our Lost night, right? So one of the guys who hosts thought Wednesday night would be the perfect night to move all of his furniture from his old apartment here in Korea to his new one. I have been very entertained watching people move in and out of apartments here. They use these conveyer belts to move furniture and boxes out the windows and doors of upper floor apartments. Well, JJ opted for the cheap route. He hired one guy with a truck to move all of his stuff for him. Basically the guy's only responsibility is to physically drive the stuff from one location to another (for about $100). Because he's in a hurry to get to the next job, though, he helps load and unload the truck, but usually that's about it. This particular guy was very stubborn and extra "helpful". He decided to help the guys move a big wardrobe into the apartment. The problem was it wouldn't fit through the door, and the windows that open all the way were not on the same side as the alley, so he saw the door as the only option. This guy pushed, pulled, and prodded this wardrobe, trying to get it through a doorway it could not physically fit through while the boys loaded a cabinet, a couch, a chair, and multiple boxes through the window. The mover ended up completely destroying JJ's wardrobe and took back out and to his truck in about 20 pieces. Then he had to go find another one to replace it with. What an experience. I am so grateful that it wasn't us! I don't think we'll be moving from one apartment to another here in Korea. It's way too much work!
Ross standing on top of the doorway after having just lifted the couch over his head and onto the ledge so they can take it around the corner and put it in through the window!

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