Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

I had just a few (hundred) photos to edit after Kennedy's graduation. And then, of course, there was a flight across the world. We've been here for a couple of days now, though, and things are starting to slow down. I think we're finally able to relax now! Which means I finally got a few pictures edited!

As I've told you, we had a busy day the day of her graduation, so it was a struggle to get out the door on time. Thankfully, Kennedy and I made it to school with just enough time to take a few pictures before she needed to be inside.

Of course, she was embarrassed by the fact that her mother kept taking pictures of her, even though every other parent was taking pictures of their child, as well.

We got a few shots of the staff kids together as a group. They're so cute!

The ceremony, itself, was amazing. These kids had been practicing for months, and they had songs to sing and dances to perform. They were so cute and did such a good job!

They even did a flash mob (a surprise dance in the middle of something else) that was a copycat version of one that the staff did in the middle of one of the assemblies the elementary school did this past spring. They had little shirts on under their gowns and everything. It was the cutest thing!

After the ceremony, we took several more pictures. The one below is of Kennedy with her teacher this year.

The above picture is of Kennedy with her TCK "aunties." The day before her graduation, Kennedy realized what I feared that she would--that she didn't have any family coming to her graduation. After a few text messages, Kennedy was happy to hear that she had a couple of people coming just to see her. Growing up as TCKs themselves, they understood her meltdown perfectly, and were more than happy to step in. I was so happy, I cried again!
Eric wanted a shot with the other dads and their daughters. The one in the middle is moving to Malaysia this summer, and the one on the right is one of Eric's good friends who plays baseball with him. 

I managed to hand off my camera, so that I could get one shot of the four of us. The automatic settings didn't work perfectly, but it's better than nothing!

We are so proud of our little girl as she makes the move into 1st grade! It was such a fun night to celebrate all that she accomplished this year!

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