Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seoul Forest Field Trip

Kennedy's class went on a field trip to Seoul Forest a few weeks ago. Her last field trip of Kindergarten. I can't believe she's a first grader now!

There's something very awkward about going on field trips with a bunch of Korean moms. They all talk amongst themselves in Korean and then every once in a while look in my direction. One might ask me a question in English, and then they turn back to the others, speaking in Korean again. 

Thankfully, one or two of the other white, English-speaking moms usually come along, too. There are a couple of Embassy moms and another YISS mom that usually make it.

I'm also grateful that the Kinder teachers never mind that I have to bring Cade along because he loves these trips!

Kennedy hadn't been back to Seoul Forest since the first month that we were here. The first time we went one of the staff families took us. But, we were never able to figure out how to get back using public transportation. This time when we went, that same girl was a part of our "family," as the Kindergarteners wrapped up their family unit by going to the park for a picnic.

Sadly, Kellyn, who was one of the first kids Kennedy met here, is moving to Malaysia next year where her dad will be starting a new school. She has only lived in Korea, so she is a little nervous and not too excited for the move. Kennedy is not too excited to be losing one of her friends, either.

She already knows that she will probably never see Kellyn again, and I can't argue with her. Unless they come back here to visit, it is unlikely. Sometimes it's so hard to see her go through this again and again, especially when I see how hard she works to make and maintain friendships.

But then I see the way she deals with change. Change in countries, homes, and foods, and I know that in spite of the struggles, she will be fine. She's a TCK, and she will adjust, and I'm so grateful for that!

We've had a great first few days in the States. The flights were good to us. Somehow, they keep getting easier. Even though, for this flight, I hadn't brought any of their normal "creature comforts," the kids still did a great job.

We didn't have any delays this trip, either, which made life much easier.

So far, we've seen Eric's mom and few aunts and uncles and cousins. I'm excited to see my dad and brother in a couple of days when we head north.

Of course, it's a little chilly here in Western WA; it's hard to believe that a week ago I was a bit relieved to be leaving the 85 degree weather of Seoul. But, it's warmer than it was this time last year when we arrived, so we're thankful for that, and we're having fun regardless of the weather!

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