Saturday, February 21, 2015

Super Bowl and Valentines

So, my husband says that I haven't written a blog post since the beginning of the month, and here it is the end of the month already. He volunteered to put Reece down for a nap, in trade for a new blog post. Hopefully, he's not the only one who benefits from the arrangement!

I finally downloaded the new software that I needed to edit photos from my new camera, but with the fast shutter speed on my new camera, I had over 800 photos to sift through before I could really start editing. And, of course, it's easier to just edit the newest photos rather than going all the way back to Christmas, so here we are.

On what would have been Super Bowl Sunday, Eric and Kennedy went out and did the once-a-month homeless ministry while I took the boys home. The sun was shining and Reece was wearing his Seahawks colored shirt, so I decided to shoot a few pictures of them. We couldn't find any good Seahawks attire for Reece while we were in WA in December, and thinking we were going to move home this year, I brought the kids' jerseys home last summer. Cade has been making good use of his Super Bowl shirt from last year, though! (What a game that stream was slower than real time, so I kept getting score updates before I'd seen the touchdown happen, which was frustrating. And, I pretty much missed that last devastating drive altogether while I put Reece down for a nap, but at least I wasn't watching it with a classroom full of sophomores!)

Kennedy saw these pictures as I was editing them, and was very jealous that Cade got his own little "photo shoot" with Reece, so I'll have to get another one with her soon. Unfortunately, the air quality has been really bad lately, which leads to poor light in our dark apartment. We will be apartment hunting this spring, and one thing I'll be looking for is good light (very practical, I know!).

Eric and I took our first solo date since Reece was born on the Friday before Valentine's Day. It was only about an hour long, and we just went to a coffee shop right across the street from the school while the kids hung out with our friends in the school cafeteria. (pretty classy, I know)

On Valentine's Day, Eric took us all out for lunch to one of our favorite spots. We don't eat out much these days, so it was pretty exciting. Then, we came home and made sushi for dinner. I'd been craving it for months, having not had any while I was pregnant, and it tasted so good!

I also attempted to do a little shoot for Reece's first Valentine's Day, since one of Eric's co-workers brought him this bib (because you can actually see what it says, right?!). Of course, every shot ended up being an outtake, but a shot of all three of them looking at and smiling for the camera wouldn't be real life, right? At least this way, we'll remember what they were really like.

This week, there was only one and a half days of school in celebration of Lunar New Year, so we've had a five day weekend. It's funny how much your perspective changes once there's a new baby around. I felt like this week was busy because out of the five days, we had five different activities/outings planned. One of them was just for me, one was just for Eric, one was for the big kids. This felt busy to me and we ended up skipping out on one, but a year ago, we would have had twice as many plans! We are starting to get in a rhythm as a family of five, though.

Next week, we've got a big birthday to celebrate, and Reece will be four months old, so maybe I'll get a few more blog posts done? I'd probably better start now, but instead we're off to celebrate with our little friend who is turning one today!

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