Monday, May 11, 2015

Reece at 6 Months is busy and it's only the second week of May! I had fully intended to get these pictures taken the day before Eric's aunt and cousin arrived, since they arrived on his first half birthday, but it rained and the light was terrible...and I'm picky about that stuff now. So, the pictures had to wait until after they left (because it involves rearranging all of the furniture and I make a big mess, not to mention the fact that I don't really like an audience!). And then, of course, I had to edit. And then, finally get around to writing, too. I don't seem to have a lot of time for this stuff lately.

Anyway, Reece is 6 months old already! I seriously can't believe that he's halfway to his first birthday. He's growing so much faster than Kennedy and Cade did. Or, at least that's my perspective now that I'm old. [insert wink-y emoticon] He is so much fun now that it's hard to believe that he will be even more fun in a few months. He laughs so easily that it's easy to forget what a challenge it used to be to make him laugh!

He's still not really on board with solid foods. He has tried avocado, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, banana, refried beans, and green beans--in that order. The only thing he has really liked is banana, but the poor kid gets constipated, so they're on the "no" list. If I give him any, it's followed closely by a whole lot of refried beans to keep things moving. I finally got prunes this week to help him out, (I'm sure he'll really appreciate that I brought this up when he's reading these much later in life. Sorry, Reece!) It's crazy how much has changed in the world of feeding babies since Cade was this age. They no longer recommend that you wait a week between introducing new foods, so he's been able to try many more new foods than Kennedy or Cade did by this age.

He's up to 16.5 pounds and 69 cm, so the doctor is very happy with his weight gain. He's just over the 25th percentile for weight and in the 75th percentile for height...long and lean, just like his siblings! He's still wearing 6 month clothes, and we're excited to finally have warm enough weather to wear all of the cute rompers he has. It's so nice to not have to put on a coat and hat every time we leave the house these days. Some days, he doesn't even have to wear socks!

We entered the world of cloth diapering this month, which has been interesting. Reece hasn't seemed to notice the difference, though I'm sure he is happier that I'm changing his diaper a little more often. A friend of mine loaned me 5 of hers to try out because she hasn't been very happy with them herself. I can't really decide how I feel about them. They certainly are a whole lot cuter than disposable diapers, but it takes me about 3 hours to wash them, and then it takes them at least 24 hours to dry. And, after only a month, they're starting to smell, which is frustrating. I'm still not sold on the whole thing. Let me know if you've got advice!

Sleep is still hit or miss with this kid. The other night, I slept a total of three hours and they were all in one hour increments. And, we'd brought him into our bed. Sheesh. It was rough. Last night, he woke up a couple of times before we'd gone to bed, but then he slept the rest of the night. Hallelujah. Usually he's up once. Maybe twice. But still not sleeping 7 to 7, as I'd like. Naps are going well, though. If he doesn't take two 90 minute naps, then he takes a short one and a longer one. I can live with that!

His new favorite toy this month is his feet and toes. Any time he doesn't have socks on, he's checking them out. This has to be one of my favorite stages; I just love it when babies play with their feet! Since he likes to put everything in his mouth, it's nice that he can hold onto things so much better now. He also is loving the Jumperoo that we got out this month. He can stay happy in that thing for a very long time. I still try to give him plenty of floor time, too, because he's still not rolling over much. He does it about once a week, but honestly, it's such a relief not having to worry about him moving!

This kid is just so stinkin' cute. I took about 200 pictures of him last week, and I had the.hardest.time narrowing it down to just these few. We're all pretty enthralled by him, but he thinks Cade and Kennedy are just about the best entertainment he's ever seen. We love this guy to pieces!

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