Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life Lately

Well, Eric's aunt and cousin arrive this week, so I figured I'd better get the last of the Cebu pictures posted before it's time to move onto new content.

I already mentioned that we had a late flight on the day we left, so after checking out of our room at 11 am, we had the afternoon to hang out at the resort. It was the only cloudy day that we had, and I was grateful since I didn't want to have to deal with swimming and locker room showers like everyone else. I spent my day walking around taking pictures, trying to get Reece to nap, and trying to make some progress on my book. While the trip had been amazing, it was time to go home.

Life here at home has been a little hectic these days. Spring has sprung here in Seoul (though you're going to have to check out my Instagram in the sidebar for evidence!), and the warmer weather has finally arrived. We have highs in the low 80s this week, and it feels so good after a long winter (albeit a mild one!). The kids and I actually got too hot when on a walk this weekend and ended up cutting it short, so we could go home and get some water. Now, if only our apartment would warm up a bit!

We are all getting very excited to move apartments in about six weeks. I like to work ahead, you know, but Eric made me promise I wouldn't start packing until May. Just a few more days! Packing is going to be a little interesting, as it always seems to be lately. After school gets out, we're flying down to Jeju Island for a few days before we move. Then, we fly back to the States just three days after we move. It's going to be a little hectic, to say the least!

Our new apartment is in a different neighborhood, which I'm a little apprehensive about. Our neighborhood has some pretty great perks--tons of restaurant options, within walking distance of Namsan Park and church, and of course, some of our favorite people. But, our new neighborhood is within walking distance of the Han River, has a few great restaurants, some more of our favorite people, and easy bus access to Itaewon and the school. I'm sure it will even out in the end.

We're excited to be moving into a much bigger apartment, too. Our current place has four very small bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our new one will have only three bedrooms, though, so Cade and Kennedy will get bunk beds and share a room. It should be interesting! We're also really excited about the fact that it has a nice playground and we have a good view of it from our apartment, so we'll be able to send the kids down by themselves.

Aside from that, things have been business as usual around here. I finally got to go on a field trip with Kennedy today. She and her friend Ella thought that Reece was much more interesting than the museum that we were visiting. Cade seems to go on a field trip about once a week (though it's probably more like once a month), so I'm skipping the one tomorrow and planning to go on the one in a couple of weeks.

Both kids are continuing to do well in school, and I love that they are still avid readers. Cade insists that he doesn't like to read during the day, but it's only because he doesn't want to stop running or playing baseball or soccer. Kennedy often has a fiction chapter book in her hands these days, and she's even figured out how to balance it, so that she can read and feed Reece at the same time. Cade is really into any type of nonfiction books--lately he's been reading about knights, bugs, and anything science-related.

We're still waiting for Reece to figure out this whole sleep-through-the-night thing. In the meantime, I'm exhausted and struggling to keep up with everything. I had a meeting yesterday with the new administration at school to discuss the possibility of my returning to work next year. There were several interesting opportunities, so now we're trying to decide what's best and how feasible childcare will be.

And there you have it. A little update on our lives lately. That isn't totally and completely revolved around Reece!

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