Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hanging at Grandpa's

Today was supposed to be Reece's 10 month update, but when does anything ever work out as planned? (Seriously, though. I should really be showering and cleaning up right now, but no, I'm immersed in the world of Lightroom and blogging!) Reece crawled into the edge of the window the other day and has a lovely bruise on his forehead. He also scratched his nose yesterday before his fingernails got clipped, so I've delayed his 10 month pictures until his face has healed. As any good mom would. Ha.

Reece has been driving me crazy lately with his insanely early wake-up times and this whole wake-to-sleep method we've been doing for naps to try to get him enough sleep during the day. Eesh. I'll be happy when this phase is over!

Right now, I'm in the midst of the all-important Awana decision. On Monday night, I decided to go to the information meeting about Awana on base to learn a bit more. Many of our friends here have been involved in it for years, and our kids have been begging to do it for years; this is the first year that Eric said we (meaning I) should do it. But, I'll be honest, the base pass is not as big of a perk, as they're now limiting it to just Mondays, and I'm not sure that we really need to be adding one more weekly activity to our calendars (the meeting this week means that we have something scheduled every afternoon or evening this week. eesh.). Somebody tell me what to do.

This year, we had just a few days at my Dad's house on either end of our Whidbey trip, and we didn't really get a chance to do many of our normal activities, like hiking and big dinners outside with cousins running all over the place. We did still get to have our 4th of July crab feast, which was pretty amazing. I think it was the most crab I've ever seen in one place, and Reece thoroughly enjoyed it!

The kids also got a chance to ride the new horses, and Sue, the owner of said horses, was out nearly every day to work with them, so Cade learned a lot about horses this summer. He was out by her side every chance he got! The kids thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to check for eggs, especially once Grandpa let the hens out and they got to start looking for them under every tree and bush in the yard!

They enjoyed working on the tractor with Grandpa, but I'm not sure "enjoy" would be the word they would use to describe the work shoveling pea gravel for the new foundation. And I can definitely say that the days we were stuck with no car while Eric was either buying one or having ours fixed were not our favorite.

As always, we enjoyed re-connecting with old friends, and this year's 3rd of July at Big Lake was pretty great, as it was so hot that spent most of the day bobbing in the lake with a cool drink in our hands. Doesn't get much better than that!

Alright, I should really go shower...or figure out how to hook up my new bike trailer...or do some dishes...except now Reece is awake from his nap!

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