Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our First Week Home

We're at that point now where things are starting to settle down, and I keep thinking that the next week will be a little less busy. This week we had the kids' open house, Eric was gone Thursday night, we had friends and a new staff family over for dinner on Friday. Yesterday, was baseball and catching up on some chores. Today is church, a birthday party for the kids, and dinner with Eric's 8th grade team. So, this coming week has to be a little less busy. I think. I hope.                              

Except that the kids start their after school activities this week (Cade is so excited for soccer! And Kennedy is a little wary of basketball, but excited about origami (oy!).) Eric has the middle school open house, too. On top of the regularly scheduled program, we should have something going on every afternoon or evening for the remainder of the quarter (except Fridays!). So, yeah, it sounds like things will be calming down, right? This week for sure!

We've both been trying to be a little more active this year, and Eric has been wanting to start biking as a family now that the kids are a bit older. So, I've been going to Zumba once a week at school, and Eric has been playing basketball in the mornings before school. Eric and I have also bought bikes for ourselves, and we're working on figuring out how to get that into the routine. So far, Eric has been riding to school a few times a week in the morning, and I've been trying to go out once or twice a week in the evenings. Obviously, with one or both of us gone several evenings a week, that's been difficult.

Unfortunately, with bikes comes a bunch of other little things we've had to buy...helmets, a gel seat cover so that one can actually sit on that stupid bike seat, lights. And yesterday, I ordered a bike trailer for Reece. Yet another expensive hobby! I think once that trailer arrives, though, we'll finally be set. I guess the kids and I will be going for bike rides until baseball season ends, though. I'm kind of excited for us to all be able to get out of the house to do something active.

This year, our flight arrived earlier in the day which resulted in a little less traffic, but it also meant we still had half the day before we could go to bed! My favorite flights land at about 4pm Seattle time because after the terrible traffic on the ride home, we can basically eat dinner and go to bed. Since I don't sleep much (at all) on the flight, I'm so ready for bed when we arrive!

With an earlier arrival time, though, Eric was immediately car shopping. Of course, it was necessary, so the extra time was good, as he was able to check out and eliminate a couple of cars on the first day. We bought the biggest, ugliest, oldest SUV we could find. In fact, it's the same year as the car I drove in high school and college. Ha! At any rate, our goal was to find something cheap that would hold all of us and our stuff and last the summer, so it fit the bill. Except, we did have to buy a bike rack...

It's ridiculous to me how little I remember these days. I think the "mommy brain" must be exponential based on how many times you've been pregnant and how many children you have. I'm so thankful for good phone cameras these days, because I don't seem to remember anything unless there is photo documentation that it happened. And what with carting a baby around all the time these days, the dslr spends way too much time sitting in the trunk of the car. (My intentions are always good, but when it comes time to pack the diaper bag and the stroller, it just doesn't make the cut!)

I don't even remember how much time we spent with Evan and Jen and Graham...five days? seven? And I have photo documentation of two of those days. Two. So, guess what? I remember two things that we did with them!

I remember that we went to Point Defiance Zoo (and I'm guessing we had lunch with Gigi at the Pine Cone after that), and I remember that we went on a hike with Al and Nancy. After our hike, we had lunch at Behr Pharmacy in Steilacoom (good food, slow service), and this was especially memorable because of the bear-face pancakes (yes, I have a bad picture on my phone that has helped me remember this!).

Well, I wanted to get this post done before it was time to do Reece's 10 month update(!), which didn't quite work out, but since I haven't taken the pictures yet, I'm off the hook for a few more days. You know. Now that things are slowing down...should be easy to get caught up!

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