Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Overview

We have been so excited to see a drop in temperatures this week from the upper 80s to the upper 70s...it might have taken a typhoon blowing through on the opposite coast to do it, but we'll take it! Yesterday I didn't have to turn on the air conditioning for the entire day, and I only had to take one shower at the end of the day, in spite of the fact that I left the house several times. Let's not take these things for granted, people!

You may recall that I never edited and posted a single picture from our trip back to the States at Christmas last year. Since I'm not too proud of that lack of accomplishment, I'm trying to get right into editing summer pictures sooner rather than later. (I can promise that I actually have gone back to that Christmas folder and tried editing on more than one occasion, but I always get so overwhelmed!)

In an effort to not be immediately overwhelmed, I started with just a couple from the major events of the summer. In hopes that I can actually remember what happened, I figured it's best to start with an overview.

I think I already mentioned that we were on the go from the moment we arrived in the States, as we had about 24 hours to find a vehicle that would fit us all before we had to be down at Eric's mom's house to spend a few days with his and brother and family in our short overlap.

When they returned to Hawaii, we returned to my dad's house for a few days before heading to the cabin on Whidbey to spend the week with my family.

After the cabin, we had a few more days at my dad's to reconnect with old friends and visit some of our favorite spots before heading to Sun Lakes with Eric's mom.

After our trip to Sun Lakes, we settled in at Eric's mom's house for the duration of our trip. From there, we headed out for short trips. 

We spent one night with friends from Seoul in Skamania and one night camping at Mt. Rainier. 

We also took a day trip up to the Ballard Locks with my brother before wrapping up our trip with a couple of nights at my aunt's house before our flight back to Korea.

Believe it or not, we actually feel like this was our best summer yet. We might be finally figuring out this whole summer in the States thing!

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