Thursday, August 13, 2015

The First Day of School

The first week of school is almost over already! They have a special half day tomorrow as the president of Korea decided that the annual Liberation Day holiday should be observed on Friday since it falls on a Saturday this year. That was a new one.

The week has been a little different than we had imagined, but it's looking like things are improving at this point.

Cade came home on the first day of school with a stomach ache and low grade fever. He slept the entire afternoon (it was a half day), and only got up off the couch to get into bed. When I woke him up on Tuesday morning, he agreed to get dressed but then he laid on the couch until it was time to leave for the bus. When it was time to go, he was in tears and promptly climbed back into bed for another nap. Poor kid.

By about 1:00 in the afternoon, he'd eaten a ton and announced that he was ready to go to school. That didn't work out for him, though, since it was so close to the end of the day.

He woke up feeling great the next morning, but came home with another stomachache and slight fever again on Wednesday. He skipped dinner and went to bed early again. On Thursday, he woke up willing to eat a little bit and headed to school knowing he could come home if he felt sick again. Thankfully, he's still feeling fine, so we'll see how tomorrow goes!

Cade has the only male teacher in the first and second grade this year, Mr. Adams, and he is so excited about it! Mr. Adams has been here since before we got here, so he's a YISS veteran at this point. He's originally from England but has been in Korea for a long time and is married to a Korean, as well, so he's probably not going anywhere. He's one of the most soft-spoken and gentlest teachers I know. It's going to be a great year for him!

Based on the small amount of time he's spent at school so far, he seems most excited about the new technology class that is starting in the elementary this year. Cade really likes the teacher, Mr. Chan.

Kennedy has been dying to know who her teacher would be this year since the moment the plane landed in Korea. She spent every single day asking us to check our email to see if we'd gotten the news yet. She was so excited!

Like every other year, she's thought about the pros and cons of all of the potential teachers. She actually started talking about which 3rd grade teacher she wanted back in November. One of the teachers, Ms. Everett, had a family setup similar to ours because she was in 2nd grade when her baby brother was born. Ever since Kennedy found out about that, she had wanted Ms. Everett for a teacher.

Unfortunately, Ms. Everett moved back to the States this summer, and since then I think Kennedy had been hoping for the new teacher that arrived last year. We don't know her well, but Kennedy thought she looked like a lot of fun. Instead, Kennedy continues her tradition of having the new teacher, and so far she is loving Mrs. Hannah. She's both new to Korea and new to teaching (after one year in the States), so it will be another interesting year for her. She's not at all phased by teachers "trying things out" on her, though, so it should be a good fit.

We're all excited for another great year at YISS. It's so comforting knowing that regardless of which teacher our kids get, they're going to learn a ton and be loved and nurtured by this great community!

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