Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Month!

Whoops. Blogging kind of hit the back burner last week. I guess I should've known that I was missing something when I was starting to feel caught up on things! I read an entire book, in addition to get Reece's pictures taken and edited, and all of the other regular-life-things.

This past week has been a little rough as we've been more house-bound than any of us would like. The air quality has been terrible lately, so our bike rides and trips to the park or playground have been eliminated, and it's making us all a little stir crazy. The kids need that time outside to run around, and I need that time to have some quiet! The pollution always keeps it warm, too, so it's been in the upper 70s (more like 80s in our apartment), but we can't open the windows. The worst part is that the air is usually good in the fall, so we're at a loss as to why it's so bad lately. It's sad knowing that the air quality has gotten worse every year that we've lived here.

I'm in full swing for Reece-birthday-party-prep right now, which includes things like making applesauce (from the soft, yucky apples that no one would eat) for his birthday smash cake. Roasting pumpkins (squash, really) for birthday party desserts. Crock pot cooking black beans for chili. These are things I.will.not miss whenever we move back to the States.

I know that I used to make applesauce from scratch, and so do many of you. I had never once cooked dried beans for soup, though. And, I didn't make applesauce just because my cake recipe called for it! I also roasted squash, but not because that was the only to get pumpkin for pumpkin bars. I would buy the little pie pumpkins at the Farmer's Market because they were cute and decorative--not because I was actually going to bake with them! Nonetheless, this is the stage that we're in now, and I can either endure it or embrace it, so I'm doing my best to embrace it!

This year, things were a little busy around Kennedy's birthday, so after I dropped Lindy off for her bus ride to the airport, it was time to get to work. She requested breakfast burritos for dinner and dessert at home, and since Cade had soccer until 4:30, it seemed that would be the easiest thing. So, I threw together Double Chocolate banana bread "cupcakes" topped with peanut butter frosting, and I have to admit that they were pretty good, especially since we all know I don't bake! I'm getting there...

My own birthday was pretty great yesterday! Eric took the day off to hang out with Reece and me. I napped when Reece did (wasn't I supposed to be done with that months ago? wasn't he supposed to be sleeping through the night by now?! instead of waking up every two hours like a newborn??), we had Suji's Deli for lunch (good ole American food) and went out for Korean BBQ for dinner. That is my very favorite kind of day--no cooking and no dishes! We were supposed to go on a long bike ride, but with the air the way it is, that wasn't an option, but I was more than happy to take naps while the big kids were in school!

Now, it's time to try to put something together for dinner before I head to school to watch the fall production of Antigone. I'll try to get back to this blogging thing regularly again soon. I keep thinking that after Reece's birthday, things will start to calm down, but the reality is that the day after the party, Eric leaves for Week Without Walls in Jeju. Pretty soon, it will be Thanksgiving and before we know it, Christmas will be here! It's time to get on the ball!

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