Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reece at 11 Months

Oh, Reece. You do keep things interesting, little boy! Since this is so late, you're less than three weeks from your first birthday. And I just got your 11 month photos done! October--with all of its craziness--always flies by!

And speaking of flying, sometimes it appears that is your method of travel. You are so stinkin' quick! The other day, I had to take pictures of the giant messes that you left behind as you moved through the house. Every toy out of your basket and spread across the living room. Every towel out of the drawer and spread across the kitchen. Every snack, plastic containter, and canned food spread across the pantry. Oh boy, do you keep me busy! I finally contained you in the Jumperoo for 20 minutes so that I could get all of the messes cleaned up at the same time. Such an accomplishment for this mama!

You've had your first full-blown cold this past week, so I've also been chasing you around trying to wipe your nose before you rub snot all over your face with the back of your hand. Sounds fun, right? You have not been real big on sleep with this cold, either. No rest for the weary. Last night, I got about 4 hours of sleep, as you pulled a 6-month-old Reece move and talked in your crib from 2-3:30, letting out a good cry every 20 minutes or so, just to be sure that I wasn't sleeping either. You can be a stinker!

Generally, though, you are one happy kid. At home, playing on the floor. At the store, smiling at the ajummas. At school, getting passed around by students. On the go, hanging out in your stroller. And we are oh-so-thankful! Your go-to is a smile on your face and babble in your mouth. I wish that I could get a good video of all that you have to say!

You love reading books--especially those with flaps, now that your dad has taught you they're there. You will sit and look at this farm book for about 10 minutes before moving onto something new--and not many things will hold your attention for that long these days! You like any toy that makes noise, but you prefer those things that aren't toys at all, of course. A couple of baby wipes, a tube of sunscreen, a pile of clean clothes. Those are things your dreams are made of!

You are still a long way from walking, just as your siblings were at this age, and I'm perfectly okay with that. You might take a step, if we hold your hands and encourage you, but two is your limit. While I'm just fine with you being limited to crawling for now, I will be glad when the day comes that you can stand in the elevator. Trying to juggle a diaper bag, a bag of groceries, the inevitable cup of coffee, my keys, and you in the elevator is rarely pretty. And to think, I struggled with my garage door button didn't work when Kennedy and Cade were babies. Life was rough.

Sleep: We were planning to have you sleep in the pack'n'play in our room while Lidi was here last week, but you made it clear that was not your plan. After screaming for 45 minutes, and refusing to lay down at all, I gave in and moved you back to your crib. Lidi got to sleep in the living room, and that was just fine with you! You really haven't been sleeping well since that evening, and as a result, we are not going on the staff retreat this weekend. It's just not worth it to me. Sorry, guys. There will be a day when you sleep through the night consistently, and I will have forgotten all about these days. I look forward to it! (You have been napping okay, though it's been a bit of a challenge to put you down...let's just keep that up, okay?)

Eating: You're still a champ in this area! It was around Kennedy's first birthday that she got really sick, and she stopped eating many foods that I'd been able to feed her before. I'm hoping that doesn't happen to you. So far, the only thing I've noticed that you haven't been eating since getting sick are my homemade refried beans. Kinda hurts my feelings, kid. You still like On the Border refried beans. Anyway, some favorites lately have been...well...just about everything. You downed the Salsa Chicken Casserole I made the other night. You really enjoyed pizza this week (at least it was homemade!), and you had a party with your spaghetti last night. You love plain yogurt with mashed blueberries in it, cheese, and any fruit. You still like chicken, olives, and tomatoes as your go-to lunch foods. You're not a big fan of broccoli, but you do like green beans.

You still drink milk like it's going out of style, and I'm not really sure how I'm going to get rid of that fourth bottle or how I'm going to switch you to cups. I know. I really should be working on that. I've tried all of our cups (once each), and you've drank a little and then been done--until I pour it into a bottle. Then, you down it. I think I'll worry a little more about it after you have your one year checkup and I see where your weight is. I think you're looking pretty healthy and may not need the 28 ounces of formula you've been drinking every day after the one year mark. We'll just wait and see. (I've been mixing in some cow's milk, and I don't think your tummy is loving it, so we're going slow on that transition, too.)

And by the way, now that you've figured out that you can clap to sign "more," you're totally on board with sign language. "Not only does everyone laugh and smile at me when I do it, but I get more food, too?! Win, win!" You're all over it!

Everything else: You got two more teeth on top about two weeks ago, and it was rough there for a little while. You are enjoying the ability to chew food better now, though. You spend a lot of time with those teeth together and your little jaw pushed out. You've got the "tough guy" look down. With it has come some nasty teeth grinding that's driving me mad!

I was pretty excited to see that I got some decent shots this month, though for every one of you looking at the camera and smiling, there are ten of you crawling toward me trying to grab the camera! I was proud of myself for pulling out the tripod so that I could get some shots of the two of us together doing things that we have spent a lot of time doing in the past year. I've been meaning to do this for--oh--about the last 10 months, but I finally made it happen!

We love you so much, our happy little man. I can't believe that it's been nearly a year since you've joined our family!

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