Thursday, March 17, 2016

366 Project: Week Eleven

Things have been busy lately, and yet again, blogging has taken the back burner. We are deep in the throes of cleaning house, and I'm so excited to finally start purging, but it's going to be a lot of work! Next week, is spring break, and after that, it gets real.

71/366: We had dinner with good friends on Friday night (and I had obviously forgotten to take a picture...and my lens needed to be calibrated, so I couldn't get it focused properly...gah), and Ross, who is a classic TCK, asked the kids some really good questions and their answers were hilarious.

72/366: Cade didn't want to brush his teeth because he didn't want to stop reading, so he took the book with him and perched it, so that he could read while he brushed.

73/366: Kennedy got out the Resurrection Eggs, and they provided Reece with hours of entertainment while he carefully took each item out of the eggs and they attempted to put them back together.

74/366: I feel like I've been taking pictures constantly, but most of them are shots of our belongings. Not exactly 365-worthy. But, I liked the reflection in this one.

75/366: Two of the four molars (one top and one bottom...grrr) are through, and this kid is starting to return to himself again. I'm sure it won't be long before the other two teeth start to break through, though.

76/366: We are deep into #toddlerlife. Today, it was toilet paper (though I had removed it from the holder, he put it back on, so that he could unravel it all!). Yesterday, it was dry mustard all over the rug. The day before it was cupcake sprinkles all over the pantry. This kid!

77/366: This quarter was Kennedy's first in "competitive swim" rather than just swim lessons. This meant that we paid less, she swam twice as often, and she worked twice as hard. It was quite an adjustment for her in the beginning of the quarter, but it paid off. She's stronger, has more endurance, and even a little pride in her abilities now, I think.

And tonight, we told the kids that they will get to show off all of their new skills in the pool next week when we're in GUAM! They were so excited!! I'd had this idea floating around in my head that if we had jobs for next year by spring break, then we should get to go somewhere warm for a few days, but I never thought Eric would go for it. The next day, he was booking tickets, and here we are just three days out from being warm! I can't wait! So, it will continue to be quiet here, but I announcement is coming. Just as soon as I can make myself hit "publish." #kiddingnotkidding

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