Wednesday, March 9, 2016

366 Project: Week Ten

This has been a crazy busy week! It's been more than a week since Eric and I have both been home (without company) in the evening, so he's going to stay home from his usual Thursday night stuff tonight because our weekend won't be any quieter. We all have bucket list people to spend time with, and some of that is starting now, so we can fit it all in. It's good, but it's going to make for a busy spring!

64/366: We officially made the decision as to where we are headed next (announcement still to come), and so I thought it would be a good time to start a journal to write back and forth with Kennedy. This girl has got lots of thoughts and feelings and sometimes our oral communication leaves something to be desired. So, hopefully this will allow us to communicate a little better through this transition.

65/366: We've thrown our last birthday party in Korea; what a relief! The weather did not cooperate with our plans, so we ended up with six kids and six Nerf guns in our apartment for three hours. The Lego castle building competition was the only backup plan I could come up with that required them to sit for awhile.

66/366: If you asked Reece, he'd tell you he's been walking for months, not weeks. He's got the strut down.

67/366: He would also try to tell you that he only needs to nap for about 90 minutes a day, but we're all much happier if he sleeps closer to three hours.

68/366: And I know that we can all agree that the only thing worse than teething with molars is teething combined with a cold. He is a drool factory because of the teeth, but combining that with a stuffy nose means that he is a wet, nasty snotty mess right now!

69/366: Cade has made some huge gains in the swimming pool this quarter, and I'm so excited for him to not only be over his fear of the water, but also to be finding some pride in his new skills!

70/366: We were finally getting a few more smiles in spite of the teeth, but the dog and binky are never far away these days.

We had some nice weather in the past week--some days nearly 60--but it's back to highs in the low 40s, and I'm so done with it. I'm ready for real spring to be here--our final season in Seoul. We're only a week away from spring break; the countdown to the end is on, as we leave three months from today!

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