Thursday, May 5, 2016

366 Project: Week Eighteen

It's crazy that we can continue to have lasts every single week. Do we even do that many different things? That we can do them all for the last time? I dunno. Our major last for this week is having our last visitors. It's definitely all down hill from here with just over a month left to go!

119/366: This guy. He's had a cold this week, and he's been a little cranky at times. He actually really enjoyed this morning bath (it's rare that he gets the bath all to himself!), but in the time it took me to grab my camera, his 'tude changed, and this is what I ended up with.

120/366: The big kids and I spent Saturday at the end of the soccer tournament (a torturous game to watch that ended in a loss after overtime and a shootout). Since we didn't stick around to watch the awards, I ended up with pictures of the azaleas at school. I have enough pictures of those soccer players, anyway.

121/366: Eric and the kids did their last homeless ministry while Crankypants and I headed home for a nap. On their way home, they picked up some flowers for me for May Day.

122/366: Reece and I did some cleaning up in preparation for Michael and Nancy's arrival. This is his version of cleaning up. Haha. Most of these are toys that we will be passing onto friends in the next couple of weeks, but capturing a shot of them made me feel a little better.

123/366: On Tuesday, Michael and Nancy arrived, but it was pretty late. Reece and I headed to Emart in the morning to pick up a few necessities. I felt a sudden compulsion to capture the "packaging station" at the store. These little stations used to make me sweat when we first arrived. They're usually pretty busy, and the idea of putting together a cardboard box and loading all of my groceries into it, and then finding a taxi (or getting on the bus) with two little kids was just too much once upon a time. Thankfully, it's just part of the routine now.

124/366: One of my bucket list items has been to visit the National Museum of Contemporary Korean History because it has the longest museum name known to man. Haha. No, I've just always wanted to take a night view shot of one of the palaces (or gates as they're called) , and this museum provides a rooftop view of one of the biggest palaces. I figured that with Nancy and Michael here, it would be a good chance to go check it out. It's definitely one of those touristy-worth-seeing things, but it's got the I'm-here-with-a-local feeling. I was up there for awhile trying to get everything just right--light streaks from the moving cars as well as the colors in the sky and the lit palace--so they had some time to peruse the museum for a bit, as well.

125/366: We've been taking them on the world food tour, which basically means all of my favorite restaurants that we get to go to one last time before we leave. And, of course, no world food tour in Korea would be complete without galbi and bibimbap!

Kennedy woke up sick this morning with an earache and ended up throwing up, so we're sitting here relaxing while Reece naps and Eric, Cade, Michael, and Nancy headed to school for the annual staff picnic. They also loaded up the school van with boxes and plants and drying racks to get rid of at the school rummage swap, so I'm feeling a little better about the amount of stuff around here. But, I'm starving and looking forward to their return, so I can finally celebrate Cinco de Mayo (one of my fave holidays) on May 6 with a little On the Border! (Look at us hitting another country on our world food tour!)


  1. Great job with the picture of the palace! Proud of you for shooting with all the pros.


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