Thursday, May 12, 2016

366 Project: Week Nineteen

We had a great visit with Nancy and Michael (lots more pictures to come from that!), and we've hit a few more major milestones in the countdown. We have less than a month to go, so we're shedding stuff like crazy, and life is beginning to feel a little uncomfortable as our ordinary conveniences are passed onto others. Maybe all of this discomfort will help the last month fly by? Hmmm...seems unlikely! I am feeling more and more thankful that I decided to do this project, so that I have the motivation to actually take all of the pictures that can seem silly or mundane, and actually record them here. Sorry if it's a bit boring for y'all!

127/366: Cheater day. It rained all day, and Kennedy was sick all morning. Eric, Cade, Michael, and Nancy went to the school "picnic" that had to be moved into the cafeteria because of the rain. We had planned to go on an afternoon bike ride after the softball game that usually happens after the picnic. Our plans started a bit off when Kennedy woke up with an earache and ended up throwing up. Then, it rained through the picnic, and we ended up hanging out playing games. Nancy and I headed out in the afternoon to get coffee at Fazenda, but I forgot to take a picture of that, so I'm using the picture I took the day before at Peer Coffee (another bucket list stop for me! It was delicious, but it's expensive and inconvenient, so I doubt I'll make it back.). My one picture from that day is an awkward one of Reece changing that one of the kids took.

128/366: No danger of a lack of pictures of our trip to Nami Island on Saturday, though. I took pictures all day long on one of my major bucket list trips. Not somewhere I would need to go back to, but at least now I won't wonder whether I missed the most amazing place in Korea!

129/366: On Sunday, we took off on a Mother's Day hike out in Gwacheon where Eric used to play baseball. Most of our hike was not actually on Gwanaksan, but we had some pretty views of it, nonetheless.

130/366: I spent Sunday night doing the packing dance, as Michael was taking back three 70 pound bags for us. Thankfully, I had done a lot of prep work and had most of the stuff stashed away already, but there's still that final pack--making sure that everything is full so nothing moves, the breakables are properly packed, and the weight limits have been met but not exceeded. It was quite a show. He took off Monday afternoon, after a quick ride to the airport bus, because it didn't seem fair to make him do the luggage shuffle that we do when it was our bags!

131/366: It rained most of the morning, so the plants were looking lush with raindrops on them when I went to pick Cade up from the bus stop. I couldn't help but take a picture, and since it was exactly one month from the day we fly out, a quote seemed appropriate. At this point, this is the kind of reminder I need because the alternative is curl up into a ball and cry.

132/366: We had to get rid of the car this week in order to avoid paying the hefty fees for vehicle inspection and insurance, so Reece and I made (hopefully) our last trip to Emart. Unfortunately, I didn't remember until late in the day that we're probably still going to have to make a trip to iPark to get Kennedy some pants or a skirt for her concert next week. Wish I'd done that before we got rid of the car!

133/366: And some days, you just gotta have fun. Without a car, our lives will be considerably more homeward bound, but this kid often finds himself needing to get out of the house in the afternoon. So, we walked a few laps around the playground to get in some exercise, and then he took several laps up the stairs and down the slide to get some energy out.

Tonight, we got rid of another load of stuff for the Seoul Swap on Saturday, so after nearly 10 boxes last weekend, plus three suitcases back to the States, we're feeling like the load is lightened a bit. Most of what we have around now will be either delivered or thrown away in the next couple of weeks as we finally start to figure out suitcases for the final pack. It should be interesting! We have another busy weekend ahead of us with Eric going glamping with friends tomorrow night and the International Bazaar on Saturday. With any luck, we'll have some time to relax on Sunday, because I think we're ready for it!


  1. I think of all the things that you have gotten rid of the one thing you will miss the most are those towel racks. My favorite pics is the one from Nami. Cade had no idea we were acting goofy behind him.

    1. I do miss those...where do we hang towels now?!


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